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About Ralhum History

Ralhum trading company Pvt Ltd was established in 1996 primarily to take care of the sports and consumer industry Originally the parent company of  Ralhum was S.M.M.Muhlar & Co which was formed more than 75 years ago by  S.M.M.Muhlar  The parent company was  a pioneer in garment accessories and consumer products Ralhum was established initially catering to the cricket industry but gradually expanded its portfolio to now include global brands such as Dunlop, Slazenger, Molten,Grays,Stiga,Carlton,Whale,Eagnas,BDM,AS and FBT covering each sport  strategically  It can be now proudly stated that Ralhum  is  the leading sports distributing company in Sri Lanka.

Ralhum presently 
Ralhum currently headed by M.M.Mohamed , the son of the founder company chairman S.M.M.Muhlar , is  the leading sports equipment distributor in Sri Lanka having in its portfolio all the leading brands and also with a well spread dealer network spread right across the country It also exports some of its sports brands to  other countries as well

Ralhum in the future 

To  make Ralhum a household name for sports having a very solid reputation in whatever sports it serves and to give to the consumer the best quality at an affordable price whilst carrying out its operation at an ethically professional manner  It is also envisaged to have  under its sponsorship a leading squad of players using the particular  brand which Ralhum distributes This squad will be called the Ralhum Elite squad and this squad will carry the name forward It is also planned to expand the horizons of Ralhum to serve  regions like South Asia and the middle east with products and brands which are in demand.